Bialetti Moka Express: A Top Italian Stovetop Espresso Maker That Delivers Coffee-Shop Quality For A Fraction Of The Price (My Review)

Why The Bialetti Moka Express Stovetop Espresso Maker Is So Unique…

bialetti stovetop espresso maker reviews The Bialetti Moka is better than other similar stovetop espresso makers out there because of its unique design and make:

  1. You cannot miss its distinctive eight-sided shape that allows it to diffuse heat perfectly…
  2. Which enhances the aroma of your coffee to produce the original Italian Moka Coffee.

Original Italian Quality – ZERO Melting Problems!

italian espresso maker review Are you concerned about the authenticity

and quality of your stovetop coffee maker?

Then the Bialetti Moka Express

is the best stovetop espresso maker for you!

This iconic espresso maker is Italian made,

and has literally:

  • Over 80 years of manufacturing experience behind it…
  • And more than 200 million coffee makers manufactured to date.

These figures speak for themselves.


You can rest assured that

your stovetop maker will not melt!

And besides…

  • This exquisite pot really DELIVERS, time after time, for years to come. But…
  • You will NOT get that kind of quality with any other espresso stovetop maker in that price range, and…
  • Certainly not with coffee pots of dubious origins that carry the Bialetti name in vein!

So… are you willing to settle for a flimsy pot

which might actually melt on your stovetop??

Didn’t think so.

bialetti espresso maker You obviously want the stronger and higher quality

polished aluminum in the classic 

Bialetti octagon shape

…with a patented safety valve

thrown in for good measure

You see where I’m going with this.

This is the REAL DEAL.

And Because The Bialetti Stovetop Espresso Maker Is So Convenient, There Is Absolutely…

  • NO wasting obscene amounts of money on flashy home espresso machines
  • NO settling for the weaker taste of a run-of-the-mill percolator or french press
  • NO more running out of filters, capsules and other expendable parts
  • NO more leaving the comfort of your home to get an amazing shot of caffeine

bialetti warranty   And best of all?

Your satisfaction is secured with an iron clad 2 year warranty!

Since the Bialetti moka express stovetop espresso maker

is designed and made in Italy, you get a 2 year warranty along with it.  

The only reason they are able

to offer you a full 2 year warranty

is because they are a REAL company,

that delivers REAL quality.  

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What Others Are Saying About Bialetti Stovetop Espresso Maker…

“We needed something sturdier than a French press for camping. We do not like percolated coffee, and I remembered getting a small one of these from an old roommate years and years ago. I was so happy to find the Bialetti Moka Express! We bought the 12 cup size.  …. This is, by far, my favorite way to make coffee. It is rich and strong and dark. It only takes a few minutes once the water starts boiling, so the bitterness you get with a slower drip coffee maker is completely absent. I am going to have to get a second one for our house. After a week of camping and having this coffee every day, it was disappointing to come home to regular, drip coffee.” – Kendra

“This is the original. I’ve bought cheap copies in the past & not been happy. Happy I spent a little extra money this time & got quality. My only negative is that this size is a little big for one or two people. You might want to have the smaller pot on hand as well if it’s just two of you. For those of you looking for dimensions I added a photo.” – RichG

“This was a replacement for the moka express I bought when I studied abroad 13 years ago. In my haste & new found need for caffeine (2 kids under 3), I bought a Bialetti break from the local store. It was NOT the quality I remember from my Italian purchased one which I sadly didn’t entirely care for properly otherwise there’s a good chance my original world still be on my stove!    The “Break” from the local store was made in China. It was flimsy. I used it a couple months but it had an unfortunate melting situation so I needed to replace it. I ordered this one through Prime and it is identical to the one I got in Italy many years ago. This one was even made in Italy. It’s stronger metal and is definitely higher quality the one I could have gotten at the big box store.  It’s been working perfectly. I love it. THIS is Italian coffee.” – MNsuns

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Final Verdict: Is The Bialetti Stovetop Espresso Maker Worth It?

Answer: Yes!

Bottom Line:

It’s an original Italian design and make…

It is made of high quality polished aluminum…

And it will save you hundreds of dollars

by steering clear of exprensive home espresso machines

or over-priced coffee shop esspresso shots.

Final Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars.

Act Now! Unless You Want To Continue

Choking Up On Bland, Bad Coffee…

stovetop coffee percolator

Why Not Try Something New?

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Bialetti Stovetop Espresso Maker F.A.Q.

Q: Where to buy stovetop espresso maker?

A: You can get it from Amazon for less than the manufacturer’s price, through this link.  

Q: I would like to know how to make coffee on the stove? 

A: There are various options out there,

including percolators and other coffee pots,

however the best option hands-down is a Moka Espresso Maker,

and the best bang for your buck is the Bialetti Moka Express,

by far.

Q: What about a good stainless steel stovetop espresso maker? Any recommendations?

A: Certainly. These do cost more,

however if you are looking to invest

in a good stainless steel stovetop coffee maker,

check out this superior espresso maker here.

You will not regret it!

Good luck and here’s to your enjoying

excellent home made stovetop espresso

for years to come!

– Dan “Stovetoper” Benjamin